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Launched in July 2011, Jumpman Gaming is a relative newcomer to the world of online bingo, but its bright, user-friendly design and expanding network have swiftly positioned the company as a top-tier provider of bingo game software. The mix of simple, effective software and entertaining, bright activities has swiftly made Jumpman a firm favorite among both newcomers seeking a straightforward introduction and seasoned bingo players seeking to avoid online gimmicks.




Jumpman has clearly given careful consideration to how its ’15 Network’ collection of bingo sites can be adapted to offer actual variety to online bingo players regardless of how they choose to play. Sites such as Bingo Port and Oh My Bingo allow users to register and play for free, without revealing any financial information, while a variety of other B2B and B2C sites provide a variety of personalized rewards, such as payback on losses and charitable contributions for every cash deposit. The seamless integration of these distinctive features provides a new dimension to every website utilizing Jumpman software.


On each and every Jumpman website, signup opportunities are prominently displayed on the homepage, and the forms are straightforward. There are no deceptive attempts to sign you up for anything you don’t want to be a part of, and the terms and conditions are prominently displayed. When bonus points and features are redeemable at chosen partner sites, such as those of other major bingo providers, the link to where they can be spent is prominently shown.


User Experience

Jumpman’s approach to online bingo is founded on simplicity and clarity. There is a menu on every page that clearly identifies every component of their websites. There are no flashy interactive areas or spectacular special events, like you may find at competitor Cozy Games. Instead, there is a collection of well-organized sites, each with its own distinct selling point and a robust offering of bingo, slot, and instant-win games.


The software’s chat capability is the only added feature in this vein, and it fulfills its purpose admirably. The chat windows, which are positioned neatly next to each player’s bingo game, allow players to interact with everyone in the room and with hosts for each of the primary games. However, if you desire to concentrate on the game, you can easily close these windows.


A straightforward console enables customers to easily see how to purchase tickets, make a selection, and transition into the actual bingo surroundings. It is a nice departure from the current trend of creating complicated, gimmicky online bingo rooms packed with special features, options, and extras. In order to prevent the software’s simplicity from becoming visually monotonous, Jumpman tends to create surroundings that are colorful, bold, and filled with playful artwork and effervescent sound effects. This ensures that, despite the software’s simplicity, the experience is still lively. The online chat rooms also play a significant role. The simplified consoles are inviting for all players, regardless of age or ability level, creating a joyful and welcoming atmosphere.


Game Choices

Jumpman’s variety of games is not as extensive as that of its major competitors, such as Dragonfish, who are backed by greater economic might, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in playability and enjoyment. The Jumpman program incorporates both 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, enabling players to connect online for massive games with numerous large prizes. Video bingo, which allows players to play bingo against a virtual bingo hall in a slot-like setting, is also available. That may not sound like a thrilling alternative, but it’s perfect for times when the 90-ball and 75-ball games are slow, or when you’d prefer play against the odds than online opponents. Users have the choice to switch the ‘auto dabber’ on or off in all situations, allowing you to manually keep up with the rapid-fire calls or, if you’re playing numerous tickets for maximum effect, have the software do the marking for you.


In addition to bingo games, Jumpman offers a selection of slot machines and quick win games. Always accessible via a separate tab, rather than cluttering its clean and straightforward bingo offers with “side games,” these provide an alternative outlet when the bingo rooms are empty or when players desire a change of pace. Progressive jackpots are a key component of a number of Jumpman’s games, with both bingo and instant wins amassing large sums during peak hours. This is largely due to the 15 Network’s pooling of resources. At the time of writing, recent major victories had reached £18,600.



Jumpman Games knows the importance of a quality promotional campaign, as proven by the abundance of promos they offer based on where and what game you are playing. Jumpman has you covered if you enjoy playing video games at a discount. Jumpman has you covered if you prefer promotions focusing on specific events and dates. If you prefer promotions that are generated at random and apply generally to online gambling in order to encourage players to broaden their online gambling horizons, Jumpman has you covered. Regarding advertising, Jumpman has you covered.


Assistance and Security

Under the “Our Services” tab on Jumpman’s website, there is a Fraud Prevention icon. It states, “Our single-customer view and strict KYC checks keep fraud and abuse at bay.”


Jumpman Gaming’s support team isn’t the most impressive among online-bingo software suppliers, but it holds its own. A helpful Contact Us area facilitates discussion regarding issues, and support may also be reached via mail.

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